Indómitas is a podcast featuring interviews with fierce women, some known and others that deserve to be known.

Who better to tell the stories of their own achievements, pitfalls and hopes than the women themselves.

Indómitas presents the untamable voice of singers, writers, poets, activists, artists, journalists and filmmakers. Each episode will feature a 60-minute conversation, in either Spanish or English, available through this website, Spotify and iTunes.

The show hosts open and honest conversations, where intimacy fosters the sharing of joy, fear, acceptance, and ultimately, the strength of women.

It’s time for women to be the ones who narrate the stories of who they are, what they do, what matters to them and how they stand up for their rights.

If you know an Indomitable Woman that should be part of this podcast, send me their name and contact information at and I will reach out to them.